Monday, May 25, 2015

Skinny Teatox: Teatox Beginner Tips + My Review

If you're like me, you will agree that the Skinny Teatox is something you've wanted to try but maybe haven't, because like me, you can't commit to a 100% clean diet or you hate most teas (coffee please!). Unless it's a good ol' southern iced sweet tea or an iced chai tea latte with caramel drizzle from Starbucks, you can count me out. However, with my newly busy schedule with very little time for personal, I have decided to try a 14-day Skinny Teatox in efforts to somewhat keep myself in shape. 

If you haven't heard of it, Skinny Teatox is a weight loss tea that comes with morning tea which is loose leaf, and evening tea which is in bags. Skinny Teatox is 100% natural and it's the #1 teatox in North America! It's a vegan product that is free of gluten, GMOs, and nuts, and there are no chemicals or preseratives in it at all. This teatox is perfect for you if you're looking to lose weight, burn calories, boost your metabolism, cleanse or detoxify, suppress your appetite, or increase your energy. If you're unsure of which package to get out of the 7-day, 14-day or 28-day, I'd recommend trying the 14-day teatox in order to experience the full effect of the teatox! 


I am not done with the 14-day teatox yet, so I do not have any before/after photos or anything. I am 9 days in and I do feel lighter, and I'm not saying that I've magically lost a certain # of pounds in only these 9 days, but just that I feel more energetic and less blah from the gross foods I was previously eating before the teatox. I'm not eating only fruits/vegetables, but I am a vegetarian (and sometimes pescetarian when I go out), so I'm keeping it pretty clean for the most part, and giving up the fattening foods that I do eat pretty frequently like chips. I haven't had much time to run either, but I do when I can, which is usually only twice a week, but I'm trying to make more time for it now while I'm doing this teatox. I think it's most important to focus on your wellness and how you feel rather than the number you see on a scale, but they've both have been pleasing for me so far. 


Cut out most of your guilty indulgences and focus on clean eating / exercising. The teatox will suppress your hunger anyways so you will not feel as many urges to reach for the ice cream!

Try taking vitamin supplements with your teatox. I take 1 vitamin each of Iron, Vitamin C, B-12, and E each day. While vitamins are already good to take and make a habit of taking, they will definitely help the effects of your teatox. 

Cut back on processed and frozen foods. This goes without saying, but processed and frozen foods are so terrible for you! I am guilty myself of being a fan of frozen vegetarian foods, but it's so important that you switch out frozen and processed foods and in place eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You wouldn't believe the amount of yummy and clean recipes there are on the internet! Here's a few of my favorite:

Happy Teatoxing! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer Saturday Style

This summer, my Saturdays are best-spent outside at the beach. I want to stay comfortable and lightly cover up whenever I'm not walking through the sand, but I just can't deal with the struggle of putting on and taking off shorts and a top. Yes, I'm only on the beach, but I still want to look chic and fashionable just as I would every other day. 

I have a growing obsession for kaftans, they are such a glam option for summer beach style and they have an amazing structure that gives them a bit of boho flair. I want to wear them even when I'm not on the beach, and I've already considered throwing on a slip and throwing over this Forever Unique kaftan for days when I'm just running around town on these hot Florida days. 

This beautiful blue and gold kaftan is everything I could want in a beach cover up! As you all may know I do have a love for blue and gold together, and the gold detailing on this kaftan just adds on a whole new level of glam. I can already see myself wearing it all summer long, no matter if I'm on the beach or not!

Wearing: Forever Unique kaftan, Forever 21 sandals (sold out!), ZeroUV sunglasses, Chloe & Isabel earrings via Lisa Lopez.


Love this kaftan? Here's some more cute and affordable suggestions!

1. Love this blue ombre kaftan for a bold and chic beach look!
2. Feeling more of a palm print this summer? This palm kaftan is perfect for you!
3. This kaftan is perfect for a simply clean + boho beachy style!
4. Longline kaftans are great for showing off your inner summer goddess!
5. The black and white aztec print on this bold kaftan is to die for!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Romantic Escape

Oh boy, does this outfit make me feel like Esmerelda! It obviously doesn't look exactly like her outfit, but I my top and flowing maxi skirt resemble her outfit, and the accentuating banding around the waist of this skirt really gives it some extra detailing! I am just a big Disney geek so deep down I feel so good about my outfit resembling that of such a fabulous Disney character! Haha! 

This white off-the-shoulder from Target has just become one of my favorite pieces in my closet lately, because I just keep finding more and more ways to wear it! I know, I know, I've already verbally expressed my obsession with this top in a previous post, but that's just how much I love it, I can't stop talking about it! Today, I paired it with my new maxi skirt from Kersh, which I'm absolutely crazy about as well! What's so great about this skirt is that it can also be a maxi dress, which you can see on this Instagram pic when I wore it to Disney a few weeks ago. It's all around a very beautiful skirt and very flattering as well.

With this outfit, I wore my brown lace-up sandals again, because they (yet again) looked perfect with my outfit! I wore all gold jewelry and used this opportunity to wear my amazing gold Dolce & Gabbana glasses that I've been wanting ever since they came out. Also, I love this location here for my photos and I want to shoot here more, but I don't think the beautiful pink tree over the water will remain that way for long, but fingers crossed it stays beautiful and pink all summer, because this small location is perfectly detailed in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm in Jacksonville, and that's a good feeling! 


Wearing: Target off-the-shoulder top, Kersh black maxi skirt/dress, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses (similar), Chloe & Isabel earrings via Lisa Lopez, Michael Kors bag via Mara Vintage Shop, Forever 21 lace-up sandals (sold out, similar).