Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photo Diary: My mini-trip to ATL!

Hey everyone! I've been such a terrible blogger lately but I promise I'll make it up to you with lots of September posts! I always have this goal of trying to post 20 times a month, but I never make it. Sometimes close, but I usually only post like 12 times a month. BUT starting next month (which is 2 days away!) I'll post much more....promise. Anyways, the reason I've been such an awful blogger this week is because I just went to Atlanta to see Aerosmith on Thursday! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already knew...I had the most wonderful concert experience of my life and I've been facing some terrible post-concert depression with a side of some on/off hysterical crying sessions ever since. I took most of my photos from the trip with my iPhone as well, it's just so much easier and the iPhone 5 camera is very impressive. Here's my favorite photos from the trip...

A car selfie....a picture of the boring but still kind of pretty road to Atlanta....a photo of the city....and a picture my mom took of me to post while I was doing my short Others Follow IG takeover.

After we got to the arena we walked around a bit since we still had a while to wait. Atlanta is so beautiful and I'm loving the giant ferris wheel! As for the photo on the right, I remember being in the same spot super excited for my first Aerosmith two years ago so I snapped another pic of this entrance for memory.

I'm obsessed with the panoramic camera feature on my iPhone but always forget to use it....but when I was bored sitting in the food court of the CNN center I decided to take a panoramic's so pretty in there to me! 

On this tour, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators were the opening act. They were really good (SLASH DUH AMAZING OBVIOUSLY) but I still wish Cheap Trick would've toured with Aerosmith again, because they're another one of my favorite bands. I also reunited with one of my fave gals Peri which was of course really fun, and I met some other fans I talk to on Twitter which was great! I love meeting other people who love Aerosmith as much as I do! 

I was so lucky enough to be one of the few girls to go inside the barricade in front of the catwalk to see the show which I've never done, and I never even knew was possible to do until that night! I've always wanted to see them front row without that barricade between me and the stage, and I got to Thursday night! It was the best concert I've ever been to. Second best day best day ever being the day I met Steven at the Tampa concert in 2012, haha! But the concert on Thursday was that true Aerosmith fan experience for me, and it was so much fun being close to my favorite rockstars like I was and just being able to sing along with Steven right in front of my face like he was. Also, his eyes look dark but Steven was totally looking at my camera when I took that picture on the right. I remember him making eye contact and looking at my phone a bit while I snapped a few pictures. I didn't even have time to freak out either but it's okay, because it's all catching up with me now.

So yes, since Thursday night I've been uncontrollably on/off crying with permanent ugly crying face over these guys. Maybe some of you will think I'm weirdly obsessive. But, I would be lying if I said I wasn't. Every time I go see them I go on this long discussion about how much this band means to me, and here I am to do it again. Words can't even describe at this point how much of an inspiration Steven is to me with not only the music but just his road to fame and never giving up on his dreams, so it really helps me when I'm feeling discouraged about mine. Aerosmith's music always makes me feel so much better when I'm down, and my love for them is for life. 

Thanks for reading everyone! I had to take one day off from posting about my main love fashion to express my feelings about my other main love, as you can see! Hope you're all having a great weekend so far! xx

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kohl's Back to School Challenge #FINDYOURYES - Part II

*Post is sponsored by Kohl's and they have so kindly provided me with Kohl's gifts, however, all opinions are completely my own.*
   This week I'm so excited to be posting my favorite post of the three part Kohl's back to school challenge, the BTS trend style challenge! I honestly meant to have this post up Friday, but with this crazy Florida weather we've been having, it's either been like 100 degrees outside and humid or pouring rain! But I've finally photographed all three of my outfits that fall underneath the trends School of Rock, Color Pop and Style Trip, so here they are!

Wearing: Kohl's Rock and Republic faux leather vest, Kohl's Lily Rose plaid skater skirt, Kohl's NYLA cut-out booties, Kohl's Mudd Quincy quilted backpack, vintage Aerosmith t-shirt, assorted jewelry.

For my "School of Rock" look, I knew right off the bat that I wanted a lot of faux leather, and my favorite band tee! When trying to achieve the perfect rock 'n' roll look, those two things are essential! I of course wore my vintage Aerosmith tee because it has a lot of color in it, which I needed to help balance out all of the black. I thought about a faux leather jacket, but since it's still summer and waaaay too hot for that, I opted for the adorable faux leather vest, which will also be cute during the cooler months with a long sleeve shirt underneath!

For my shoes, even though I'm a fan of wearing any kind of heel, I wanted to try to find pairs of shoes for all of my BTS looks that were flat, because when you're going to school, you wanna be comfy! I instantly fell in love with these cut-out booties and the amazing buckles on them, and while they have a heel, I promise it doesn't even feel like it, and they're perfect for school, especially right now while we transition into fall!

To finish off the outfit, I paired in the plaid skirt which may seem odd, but I thought it really gave the outfit a "school girl" touch without taking away from the rocker look. I will go ahead and say this was definitely my favorite look out of the three!

Wearing: Kohl's Elle printed keyhole maxi dress, Kohl's Mudd cut-out tribal arm cuff, Forever 21 beige shopper tote, Thrifted sandals, Assorted jewelry.

For the theme "Style Trip", I had to put together tribal patterns to create a super cute and casual BTS look. I didn't get anything that was too obvious, but I did happen to fall in love with this dress and it's colors and patterns, which isn't necessarily a "tribal" print, but it did put me in the mind of beautiful Moroccan tiles, so I had to get it! I did wear the adorable tribal arm cuff that was sent to me in my Kohl's mailer from the last post, and I went with mostly gold accessories (check out the little gold turtles on my sandals, they're too cute!) to give it a more glam, exotic look. 

For my bag, I went with my actual school bag I bought for my first year of college, which is just a beige shopper from Forever 21. It's lightweight, structured well and also comes in black, but since my tote last year was black I decided to switch it up a bit! I might have decided on doing online classes though because it's going to be more convenient for my current schedule, but this tote has really come in handy for working on the go like I do, because I can just slide in my iPad, laptop, camera, or whatever else I may need and just go! 

This outfit is so breezy and while it isn't a very obvious tribal look, I do still think it perfectly fits in with the theme, as I totally would wear this outfit both to school and to an exotic trip to Morocco, which I someday would love to take! But, if you go to a school with a stricter dress code like how my high school was, then you can easily just throw on a denim jacket or light knit cardigan over this dress as you're leaving the house, and you will be good to go! 

Wearing: Kohl's Self Esteem graphic top, Kohl's Elle striped ponte pencil skirt, Keds red champion sneaker, Target tote (old), thrifted scarf, assorted accessories.

For the last theme "Color Pop", I had to create a look with items like quirky pieces, bold prints, and, of course, have a pop of color in my outfit! I went with my favorite color choices of a pop of color look, which are black, white and red, and I went for a Parisian-chic inspired look! I started with getting this adorable Ooh La La printed top (which comes with a cute infinity scarf but I wanted to wear my red one this time), and a bold striped skirt! I had to belt the skirt because while it's supposed to be bodycon my fits a little loosely (size down, ladies!) but I like the belt around it so all is okay! 

For my pops of color, I wore a red neck scarf and my favorite pair of red Keds to really show that pop of color! The shoes are of course super comfy for school, and the neck scarf is lightweight and not too hot for wearing in this summer heat! For my bag, I just carried my old black tote I got from Target, and this was actually my school bag from last year! I really love this look because it's so fun and it looks like a lot of effort was put into it, but it's still comfy and casual to wear at school and not feel uncomfortable all day. Oh, and did you notice my holding up #GIRLBOSS the photo above? Yeah, well, it's kind of the best book ever. If you're not reading it, I highly suggest you pick up a copy ASAP! 


Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed this big style challenge post! Make sure you check back next week for my third post, where I'll be creating three super cute outfits for under $100, and the big reader giveaway! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Under The Sea

Wearing: Chi Chi dress, Target watch.

Today I'm super excited to show you all another outfit in a beautiful maxi dress which can be either dressed up or dressed down! I wanted to wear it more casually, so I just kept it simple with the accessories by wearing a simple watch. This beautiful dress from Chi Chi is called the "Ariel" dress, and that's exactly who I felt like in it, The Little Mermaid! There were without a doubt smiles coming from me all day in this gorgeous dress, so I got lots of twirly and happy shots when I went to take photos of it in the park. I may look a little too happy in that first shot, but it perfectly describes how I felt in this gorgeous summery dress!